Portfolio: golden oldies

Here some old designs, most aren’t online anymore for various reasons:

Ferienwohnungen Ibrom (vacation rental)
This was a site for a historic vacation rental in the German Eiffel. They wanted a playful design and came up with the teddy/balloon logo. As this is one of my older pages (since 2005!) it was made in HTML with frames. It was up for 10 years, but now they have a modern new site, made by a local company.

Bouwpartner BV
This was a site for a Dutch construction company. They wanted a brochure website with photos and their ‘business card’ info, so I installed a Plogger gallery with an extra big header with the info, and a separate intro page. That site is not online anymore, but you can find this excellent company as Bouwpartner Extra Service on Facebook.

Morrigan's Pit
My pride and joy. For 4 years I ran a music webzine with 2 friends and some help… but at the end I was doing more and more myself and it grew over my head. I had no choice but to swallow my pride and close it down, but I’m still proud of the design and images I made from scratch (incl. Morrigan herself) and the articles we wrote.

Jacobs Dream




The second site ever, somewhere in the 90s, was for another heavy metal band, Columbus Ohio based Jacobs Dream. I was their webmaster for a few years and made 2 sites for them, but eventually gave them to another webmaster as I Jacobs Dream
didn’t have enough time. They were online on a truemetal.org site, but the band now has their own domain name.



't Ledderke





Two versions of a site for a Dutch cleaning company. Unfortunately the business doesn’t exist anymore.'t Ledderke








The sites for two bands of our friend Dave Naithani, who later on learned how to make sites himself. Actually, Stereotype isn’t active anymore, but the site is still online at www.stype.de. 'Organic
The Organic site has been redesigned several times by Dave himself.




This is a site for a Dutch pavement company. I had made a site based on a Plogger gallery installation, but as the owner wanted to deal with someone in real life as he didn’t like to deal with computers himself, he got another webmaster and site after I moved to Canada.


This was quite something special! A site and a ecommerce installation for an online seller of adult clothing, toys etc. I loved the black and pink design, but unfortunately the owners didn’t try very long and abandoned the business before it could grow.


I loved this site for a Dutch store in travel maps and books. They had their store in Haarlem for several years, but sold it a several years ago.



Oh my. This was also one of the very first designs EVER… very 90s haha! The embarrassing thing is that the site is still online like this, many years after I gave the site to another webmaster, thinking that for sure they’d make a new design. But no, it’s still for all to see on truemetal.org/snakepit.